Laurence Fontaine
 Lead Guitar/Vocals

Laurence 2022.jpeg

Laurence has been playing guitar and singing since high school. Laurence has worked with several bands all over southern Ontario!
His main influences are blue, classic rock, Motown, rockabilly and all good music! Laurence has done much in the way of recording and song writing as well.
He released a CD of original music in 2006. His main strength, passion has always been and continues to be, live performance!

       Brad Walker
Bass Guitar/Vocals

Brad 2022.jpeg

Brad has been playing bass since ’85 back in his high school days. After playing in several bands during and soon after leaving school he then settled into a long-term band for 17 + years until parting ways in 2008. 
His musical influences are mostly Blues and Classic/Psychedelic Rock, but he enjoys most styles of music and especially enjoys pretty much any music when seen live. Nothing beats seeing bands playing live, from the largest stadiums to the smallest clubs.
After a 10 yr break from playing, with exceptions of the odd jam session and open Jam nights, he has now strapped his bass back on and enjoying playing with a great bunch of guys here in Backstage Pass.

  Raffaele Marchione
  Lead Guitar/Vocals

Raff Sept 2022.jpeg

Raffaele is an all-round musician. He started 'Backstage Pass' back in 1983 while still in high school and has worked with many amazing musicians over the decades!
His main musical influences are Motown, R&B and Classic Rock.

He plays Marchione, Hagstrom, Fender and Yamaha Guitars. 

Raffaele has been performing professionally for over 30 years and is still going strong!

   James Schweitzer

Jim 2022.jpeg

Jim played the Toronto High school/bar circuit in the 70’s with bands Leyton Road, Greystone Lion and acoustic group - Muffins Flamingo, plus other brief band stints.  He retired from the music scene to the corporate world of computer tech in the late 70’s, early 80’s and in mid 90’s he went into banking playing music for the occasional corporate function.
In recent times, he reunited himself with his guitar and keys to record some original material. In 2014 he reunited with one of the founding members of Greystone Lion from the 70’s to form the 3rd version of Durham band Midnight Soul, a lineup which included Raff on lead guitar. That version of Midnight Soul gigged until August 2015 and after a brief hiatus, Jim rejoined with Raff as he re-formed the Backstage Pass Band. Jim has 5 children,7 grandchildren and he lives in Ajax with his family. Jim retired from the Bank to devote his full-time attention to music!