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       Brad Walker
Bass Guitar/Vocals

Brad Walker - Bass Guitar and Vocals


Brad has been playing bass since ’85 back in his high school days. After playing in several bands during and soon after leaving school he then settled into a long-term band for 17 + years until parting ways in 2008. 
His musical influences are mostly Blues and Classic/Psychedelic Rock, but he enjoys most styles of music and especially enjoys pretty much any music when seen live. Nothing beats seeing bands playing live, from the largest stadiums to the smallest clubs.
After a 10 yr break from playing, with exceptions of the odd jam session and open Jam nights, he has now strapped his bass back on and enjoying playing with a great bunch of guys here in Backstage Pass Band!

    Mark Valois

Mark Valois - Drums and Vocals


A Graduate of the University of Toronto, Royal Conservatory of Music, with international experience in performing drums and percussion, one of Mark's most honourable memories was playing for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He has been involved in many classical, stage and rock performances, playing in front of a wide array of audiences.
Mark left the classical stage and became a member of various rock bands over the past 25 years including Roll Another Number, The Rhythm Band, Ritchie and the Treble Makers, Dino and the Dogs and Blind Rust and Turning Point Band. He has played drum tracks for recording artists and also records in his own music studio.  In the past 15 years he has taken a great interest in the sound experience of music and has rightfully earned the title of sound engineer. Sometimes he will be doing both, while performing; the sound board for the band is right beside him.
With over 50 years of experience in the amateur and professional music world, domestic and international experiences, playing many different percussion instruments, Mark now sits behind his drum kit or hybrid rigs and plays 'music' making it look effortless and relaxed. He does take the odd lead on vocals and sings backup on many of the songs performed.

  Raffaele Marchione
  Lead Guitar/Vocals

Raffaele Marchione - Lead Guitar and Vocals


Raffaele is an all-round musician. Raff founded 'Backstage Pass' back in 1984 while still in high school and has worked with many amazing musicians over the decades!
His main musical influences are Motown, R&B and Classic Rock.

He plays Marchione, Fender and Martin guitars. 

Raffaele has been performing professionally for over 30 years and is still going strong!

   Richie Sordet

Richie Sordet - Guitar and Vocals


RICHIE's passion for music began early, growing up in Jamaica & listening to reggae music. His early influences were Bob Marley & the Wailers, Byron Lee & the Dragonaires & Keith Lyn, to name a few. After emigrating to Canada in 1974, he auditioned for The Saint Timothy Choir. With them, he regularly performed in Toronto and recorded a total of 3 studio albums.
In 2005 Richie became a member of an all-firefighter cover band, called The Blaze Brothers. This partnership culminated in a career defining show, at the renowned Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. 
A passion for song writing, then led him to co-find the band Frunkenducks in 2010. This partnership sculpted a unique sound, with Latin-layered percussion providing the beat and pulse of the band. A single called ‘Back to Love’ was soon recorded. This was followed up by the release of their debut album, ‘A Place Called Soul.’
In 2016, Richie formed a live rock band called BLIND RUST, blending a varied mix of original song writing, and cover songs.

2024 brings a new chapter musically, as Richie joins The Backstage Pass Band!
He's looking forward to this new venture and to sharing the stage with some very accomplished musicians.

 James Schweitzer

Jim Schweitzer - Keys, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals


Jim played the Toronto High school/bar circuit in the 70’s with bands Leyton Road, Greystone Lion and acoustic group - Muffins Flamingo, plus other brief band stints.  He retired from the music scene to the corporate world of computer tech in the late 70’s, early 80’s and in mid 90’s he went into banking playing music for the occasional corporate function.
In recent times, he reunited himself with his guitar and keys to record some original material. In 2014 he reunited with one of the founding members of Greystone Lion from the 70’s to form the 3rd version of Durham band Midnight Soul, a lineup which included Raff on lead guitar. That version of Midnight Soul gigged until August 2015 and after a brief hiatus, Jim rejoined with Raff as he re-formed the Backstage Pass Band. Jim has 5 children,7 grandchildren and he lives in Ajax with his family. Jim retired from the Bank to devote his full-time attention to music!

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